Battle Selection

Geeks: Channel 4/DFF Proof of Concept

The Geeks Battle Game is an engaging and innovative take on traditional Top Trumps style gaming, where the core mechanic is influenced and driven by live social media data.

Mirroring the themes, topics and cultural references in the drama, the Geeks Battle Game will show just how fleeting the ever- changing world of popularity is, by monitoring real-world trends. Players will have to use their knowledge of popular culture – who’s hot or not, right at that moment – in order to challenge their friends to multi-player battles.

The dynamic nature of the social space allows the Geeks Battle Game to require a unique blend of skill, knowledge and luck
in devising strategies to defeat opponents, where every game is guaranteed to be different to the last, due to the real-time trending influence. As well as creating an engaging gameplay experience, the Geeks Battle Game also introduces characters and narrative elements, which take the player deeper into the Geeks storyworld itself.

Designed for Multiple Platforms

The Geeks Battle Game is designed to work across multiple platforms including online, mobile and tablet – allowing players to engage with the game both whilst at home and on the move.

The design of the game would support engagement both synced with the television drama and in between episodes or series, in order to build a deeper relationship with the show itself.


Game Design & Concept

Che-Guevara John

Creative Partners 

Studio Liddell/The Digital Fiction Factory/Channel 4