Industrial Resolution: Manchester International Festival (G-Mex Center)

Leading VJs and DJs, and an audience of thousands, descended on Manchester Central (formerly known as the G-Mex Centre) for two nights during July for the Industrial Resolution. The event featured a monumental visual arts installation displayed on the world’s largest high-res digital screen by Harkness. Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Industrial Resolution brought together visual artists from Microchunk, led by director Todd Graft, to perform custom-designed, multi-media to the soundscape of the world’s leading DJs, including 2 Many DJs, Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Laurent Garnier, Layo, Sasha, and many more.

PlayStation Season from Che on Vimeo.

The focal point of the visually stunning show was the shaped Harkness screen — 48mwide by 18m high over a 25m radius and with a total area of more than 800 sq. m. – specially constructed for the event to form a spectacular backdrop for the performers.

Installed by UK Rigging and supervised by Harkness Screens, the screen, weighing 360kg, was the largest ever constructed for a single event and took a little over seven hours to secure to the pre-fabricated modular truss frame.

Such a large shaped surface required that Harkness develop a special folding technique using horizontal and vertical pleats, not only to make shipping easier, but to reduce site handling. Harkness Screen’s sales manager, Tony Dilley, explains “This meant that we could keep the amount of screen on the floor to a minimum, as it was attached to the huge structure during assembly at ground level and then slowly lifted into position” Using five Barco FMCHD18 projectors from Creative Technology, with a combined output of 90,000 ANSI lumens, over 1,000 image clips made for the event and 20,000 embedded clips from public submissions and archive material were projected at resolutions 32 times higher than PAL and eight times higher than HD.

IREZ Arch Test from Che on Vimeo.

By using mosaics — images within images and subplots within meta-themes — the VJs told the story of Manchester, the first modern city, using digital imagery to create the ultimate interactive clubbing experience.


(Northern Soul) Live Visuals concept and design : Che-Guevara John

Event and technical: Microchunk, /Stream, Green Hippo, MIF, Harkness Screens, Sony UK