LG Scarlet launch

LG Scarlet launch

One Marylebone, London

The LG Scarlet launch was a commissioned project that concluded a yearlong viral campaign for LG electronics latest range of HD TV’s with parties hosted at  the Pacific Design Center, Hollywood and One Marylebone London.  In collaboration with Blonstein & Associates, I acted as creative/technical consultant and designer in developing live visuals that would demonstrate the HD display & performance of the Scarlet TV’s.

The brief, as well as showcasing the hardware, required content designed to reflect the theme and objectives of the Scarlet TV spots and viral ‘Who is?’ campaign, in which ‘Scarlet’ had been advertised as a new action TV Show across various world-wide entertainment networks.

The initial design approach was to exploit current trends in break driven, media ‘re-mixing’ to build a visual hybrid of moving image/film/branding, in the thematic style of a movie ‘title sequence’.

The visuals in both design & performance reflected the dynamic/action/noir elements of the TV spots, with the objective of highlighting the high tech and sophisticated features of the ‘Scarlet’ TV brand as well as evoking a relationship between the medium (Film/TV ) and the  product.

One Marylebone launch event

Content was mixed live (including live wireless roaming camera sources) on Green Hippo HD PC’s, coordinated and delivered @ 1080p across two arenas to 14 Scarlet TV units installed throughout the venue.



Consultancy,  Live Visuals concept and design: Che-Guevara John

Event and technical: Microchunk, /Stream, Blonstein & Associates, PSL, Green Hippo